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Name:Sarah Rainmaker
Birthdate:May 11

Apache born, Sarah Rainmaker's Gen-Active powers first manifested while living on the San Carlos Reservation in Arizona. Her 'parents', IO agents, were ordered to keep an eye on her for Ivana Baiul as a part of the Gen 13 project. The daughter of Stephen Callahan, she was kept out of IO for socialization, given what occurred with the Deviants and her half-siblings.

She has been fully manifested since her birth - being a Gen active with Callahan blood. As of this date, she is 19 20 years old.

Sarah's Powers

Weather Control, Aerokinesis, Flight, Electrokinesis, Lightning (Her lightning projections are not as stable if she not wearing her specially designed regulation gauntlets), and Hydrokinesis. She is also a trained acrobat and martial artist.

[Mun and muse 18+. Not Megan Fox, though I am using her because she's stated clearly that she would LOVE to play Sarah Rainmaker. Don't sue! <3]
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